Simon Baker - Paris 


We’re equals. Partners. 

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Oberyn Martell meme: (3/3) three outfits → miscellaneous
”(…) and slender Prince Oberyn Martell in flowing robes of striped orange, yellow, and scarlet.
We looked at each other a little too long to be ‘just friends’.


school picture day


i can’t wait to have my own little apartment with a nice big bed underneath a huge window which catches the sunlight so i can lie there all sunday and read

i’m literally going to spend all my money furnishing my home and travelling ahhhhhhh

i could spend hours and hours shopping for furniture and homewares

I wanna go home

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hex spora


Favourite free fonts of 2013 (a resource list):

airbag | voyager grotesque | quirky nots | iversal | laika | hiruko | look up | sequi | track | valkyrie | gado | muchacho | summit | echinos park script | multicolore | langdon | kankin | bates shower | gabriela | south rose | pixacaism | montserrat | a love of thunder | lino stamp | uralita | sanotra | baron | BoB | vetka | braxton | lasco | bahiana | strange days


Keilauren de Vries, Nymphet, 2014. Acrylic on various fabrics.

This artwork comprises of 5 paintings I did, each a meter wide. I stretched the canvases myself with different types of fabrics and painted on them while keeping the fabric raw. (^,^)

Feel free to ask me anything about my work